The Difference Between Worpdress Pages and Posts

WP Page or WP Post? That is the question at hand!I get asked quite often what’s  is the difference between WordPress Pages and Worpress Posts.

The main difference is pages are static and posts are dynamic. Another way I like to say this is, pages are stationary and posts have legs. What this really means is that pages are meant for long term content that should be regularly accessible where posts are mobile.

Yes a WP Page can still have some mobility with the use of social media buttons but pages aren’t thrust out into the blog-o-sphere quite like a post.

WordPress posts have legs, simply because they are pushed out to the internet so people can consume it. Posts get their mobility via Ping O Matic and RSS Feeds which aid in pushing the content out to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon etc. This content gets consumed, interacted with and hopefully shared with others.

Another way to look at WP Pages Vs WP Posts is to regard pages as making up the nuts and bolts of your website; your homepage, your about, contact and products or services pages. WP blog posts are your PA system to send your content out onto the net with updates, important dates, articles, product releases, business news, etc.

Hope this post helps clarify the difference between WordPress Pages and Posts and how they are used. If you have questions or need help with your WordPress CMS, contact us our day job.. Click Refresh.

2 Responses to “The Difference Between Worpdress Pages and Posts”

  1. TStallard says:

    Thank you! Had thought so but needed confirmation:) I think confusion begins with people like myself who don’t know how the different paths or links between pages are set out. For example, on a homepage showing different posts/links.

  2. Sammy Russo says:

    Glad the explanation helped.

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