My Base Set of WordPress Plugins

The following list is what I  would refer to as my BASE set of plugins that I upload when developing a WordPress CMS.  Each one is linked to the file download location from the WordPress Plugin Repository.
Wordpress Plugins

I do use other plugins but it all really boils down to what functionality I need.  These right here get me off the ground.  Do you have a list of base plugins that you use time and again? Does your list differ from mine. I’d like to know what everyone else prefers.

One Response to “My Base Set of WordPress Plugins”

  1. Sammy Russo says:

    I updated this post today (Jan 21, 2011) to remove the Hyper Cache plugin. After using this plugin for several months, I found a large number of recorded errors in the log files for a good number of the WordPresss sites I maintain so I’ve disabled it in most cases.

    For now I’m using the tried and true Super Cache plugin. The main reason I was using HyperCache was it’s ease of setup and simple to configure.

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