Introduction to WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes come in several varieties, Free WordPress Themes, Premium WordPress Themes, WordPress Theme Frameworks and Custom WordPress Themes.

Free and Premium Themes

In the beginning most people go straight to the Free WordPress Theme Repository where one can find over a 1000 free themes for WordPress. If you Google “free wordpress themes” you are likely to find several sites that offer free themes with the main purpose of trying to drive you to buy one of their premium themes.

Premium WordPress Themes are those that cost money and can cost anywhere from $49.00 on up. Most good Premium Themes cost about $250.00.

If you are using a Free or Premium WordPress Theme, be prepared to have to make a few changes to make your theme work and appear like a CMS website and not a blog. The reason being, most WordPress themes are created for use with a WordPress blog and we’re creating a WordPress CMS.

WordPress Theme Frameworks

Theme frameworks have been growing in popularity over the last year and half with the most notable  of them being Thesis Theme for WordPress. A Theme Framework is more than just a static theme… a framework allows you to control many of the design or layout parameters from a point and click interface. With Thesis you can control just about every aspect of the website without knowing a lick of code. Thesis can also be easily customized to look like anything you want… but that requires html and design skills.  Thesis Theme powers some of the most popular blogs on the internet.

Another WordPress Framework is the new Twenty Ten theme which is now the Default Theme for WordPress 3.0. Twenty Ten allows you create you own menus, has expanded widget panels, backgrounds and header image options.

Custom Themes

(Insert Shameless Plug LOL) Custom WordPress Themes are exactly that.. custom. Skies the limit of your pocketbook.  I’ve been creating Custom WordPress Themes since 2007. Prices have ranged from $300 on up to about $1500. It all depends on what you want. For a few samples or more information about having a custom theme created please visit the Custom WordPress Theme section on my services page.

2 Responses to “Introduction to WordPress Themes”

  1. gabu says:

    Okay, I admire that Thesis is a great framwork and however many wordpress theme has CMS Suport,
    but I think pagelime is the best option for any kind of professional CMS themes for WORDPRESS,

    Check taht out, it will help surely,

  2. Sammy Russo says:

    You mean PageLines. I’ve heard of them but haven’t played with them much. The only reason I use Thesis is client demand. I’m using Thesis on this site right now to give me a good testing ground.

    IMHO.. the best CMS themes are the ones that are done custom for the client. It keeps them clean and free of extraneous PHP calls.

    Thanks for sharing.

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