How I Upgrade WordPress

There are several ways to upgrade WordPress; via the command line, plugins, the update tool built into WordPress or by FTP. I prefer FTP. Here is everything I do during a Next Generation upgrade of WordPress. This is just a quick list of my process and it would probably make more sense to consult the upgrade directions found at WordPress.
Upgrading WordPress

  • Complete manual backup / download of all files on the server via FTP
  • Complete manual backup / download of each data base via PHP My Admin
  • Database error checking to ensure a complete download
  • Put Website into Maintenance Mode
  • Deactivate all plugins
  • Replacement of all core WordPress engine files on the server
  • Run the upgrade wizard
  • Reactivate all plugins
  • Take site out of Maintenance Mode
  • Check website to make sure site is working properly
  • Upgrade Plugins: deactivate, upgrade and reactivate each one
  • Check plugin parameters to make sure nothing got reset to default
  • Website testing to ensure the website is working properly and that nothing broke due to a plugin conflict
  • Update the Authentification Keys within the WP Config file to ensure site security

I use this process to upgrade WordPress because I believe it is the most thorough.  With FTP I see all the transfer errors if they occur so in the end I know I have a complete backup. Exporting the DB out of PHP My Admin I get a neatly structured database dump that I can check to make sure all tables are present. The other reason I like this method is because if something goes wrong I have all the files and data at my finger tips and I can revert in less than 10 minutes.

What’s your process for upgrading WordPress?

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