Hover Text on a Hyperlink or Image

I was asked recently on how to make rollover or hover text appear when you run your cursor over a hypertext link .  The answer to this is quite simple, the title tag.

To create a link with a title tag in your WordPress page or post;

  • highlight the text you want to link.
  • click the the chain link in the first row of the visual editor.

A window will open where there are a couple of fields and a couple of drop menus.

  • insert the desired link into the link field
  • insert your search engine optimized hover text into the title field.
  • and if you want the link to open in a new window, just check the box.

The title tag also works in the img tag as well. Some think the ALT tag of the old days is what controls hover text on an image but that  really only pertains to Microsoft IE. If you notice in the image upload interface there are fields for both ALT & TITLE. You should always fill these 2 fields in for SEO reasons.

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