Getting Started with Your WordPress CMS

To get started on creating your WordPress CMS you want to get yourself organized with all / most of the resources that you will need.

Preliminary Step 1:  Create a Sitemap

It’s important that you start with an initial game plan for building out your WordPress CMS and do to this you should create a sitemap or bulleted list of pages and sub pages that you want to generate as part of the CMS.  Once the  sitemap is created I tend to break it down into sublists of which items are to be part of the main top level navigation, the secondary navigation and which are not part of the navigation at all.

Note that I keep refering to Pages.  Once you have WordPress installed you want to use the WP Page functions to publish your content. The WP Post functions will be reserved for use in your blog.

Preliminary Step #2: Gather Your Resources

You need several things before you install WordPress.

  • A domain name:  We are using the self-hosted version of WordPress which needs to be installed on a hosting server associated with your domain name.
  • A Linux hosting account that allows for at least 1 MySQL Database and use of the .htaccess file. Consult for the list of minimum server requirements.
  • An FTP Program like Filezilla.
  • A couple of useful plugins to add a little bit of functionality to help facilitate the use of WordPress as a CMS. (more on this later)

Preliminary Step #3: Familiarize Yourself with the Processes

Read through these two documents to familiarize yourself with the process of installing WordPress and setting the base configurations to set it up as a CMS with static front page.