How To Find and Fix A Plugin Conflict

If you work with WordPress long enough you are bound to run into a fatal error from time to time.  These sometimes pop up when there is a plugin conflict. That means there is a plugin that doesn’t play nice another plugin.  I came across this very thing recently while when I was working with my favorite shopping cart plugin one day, I installed, activated it and added a few products. When I went to preview things I was given a Fatal Error message.

To find the conflict you have to go through the process of elimination.  First, deactivate all plugins. In this case I reactivated my shopping cart plugin firsty and made sure it was working stand alone.  Now to find the plugin that wasn’t playing nice with the cart , I, one by one  reactivate each plugin and tested the site after each activation.  I did this until I got to WordPress Maintenance Mode where the error re-occurred… I just found my conflict.

I got lucky in this case with Cart66, the site I was working on only had 5 plugins running so it was rather easy to find the conflict. Typically, most of my WordPress sites have 15 or more plugins running.

Hope this just made somebodies day a little bit easier, good luck and happy blogging!

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