Embedding a YouTube Video into WordPress Blog Posts

Here is a short video tutorial I created on embedding YouTube videos into your WordPress blog posts. For the this tutorial I used my favorite video plugin… Vipers Video Quicktag. ┬áPlease note.. the playback is a bit on the loud side so check your volume settings.

YouTube Preview Image

2 Responses to “Embedding a YouTube Video into WordPress Blog Posts”

  1. Gail Gardner says:

    Hi Sammy,

    What are the benefits of using a plugin instead of configuring, copying and pasting the embed code from the YouTube site? I just click the size and color, copy the code, switch to html view and paste it where I want it.

    Do you recommend the plugin so the WordPress user does not have to switch to html view? Are there any other benefits?

  2. Sammy Russo says:

    Hi Gail,

    Thanks for commenting.

    I typically install this plugin for my clients so they don’t have to go into code view. Even hearing the word code gets them feeling uncomfortable and flustered.

    Another reason why I like the plugin is because the WP code editor doesn’t like code.The WP editor often removes code it doesn’t like once you move from the html editor to the visual and save / publish the content.

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