Disable WordPress Automatic Upgrades

This quick tutorial will show you how to disable WordPress automatic upgrades, but first some background.

Several months ago when WordPress released version 3.7, the developers included the functionality for WordPress to automatically upgrade itself for sub versions only, not next generation releases. I’m currently running 3.8.1.  If WordPress  were to release a security update  and go up 3.8.2, this website would would automatically upgrade. When WordPress releases v3.9 the auto upgrader will not fire because 3.9 is a next generation. 

I immediately disabled the WordPress automatic upgrade function for my sites and those that I mange for my clients. Why? Because I’m a control freak. If something breaks that ran on its own then I’m left trouble shooting in the dark. I like to have complete backups at my finger tips.

To disable WordPress automatic upgrades for your website, simply open your sites wp-config.php file and paste in this following line of code any place after <?php

define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', false );

disable wordpress automatic upgrade

Why would you want to disable WordPress auto upgrades?

As I mentioned, I’m a control freak and so are a lot of other developers out there who maintain multiple WordPress installs and have their preferred way of doing thing. There are other good reasons, like if you hacked WordPress Core files to make something work (highly discouraged).

Tips for Maintaining Your WordPress Site

If you decide to disable automatic upgrades, be sure that you at least run them manually as soon as you can for security reasons. If you decide to leave wordpress automatic upgrades turned on, I highly recommend you install a back up plugin that can run on a regular basis. This way you have incremental backups in the event something breaks along the way. I always run complete backups of everything.

A few resources for backing up wordpress

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