CSS Drop Menus

If you are looking for an easy to use and understandable CSS Drop Menu tutorial you might want to keep reading. For the longest time I’ve always strayed customers away from using navigational drop menus for a couple of reasons; largely because they were not search engine friendly and very fickle if not programmed properly.  My biggest reason actually dealt with usability, I’ve always been a believer that you should never hide content from a web user.

But, when a customer really wants a particular feature, I’m always willing to make them happy. The implementation I found and like is mostly based on CSS with very little Java Scripting, and is cross browser compatible. This technique has been around for a while but brand new to me…. it’s called Son of Suckerfish. I tried it’s predecessor Suckerfish Drop Menus but found Son of Suckerfish way cleaner and easier to use. I did try a few others but the only tutorials I had any success with are the ones mentioned here.

Do you have a favorite search engine friendly CSS drop menu implementation? If so share it here.

Thanks for reading.

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