Setting Up an Addon Domain in cPanel

This is a tutorial for setting up an Addon Domain with the cPanel web hosting interface. What this process doed is automate the setup of the website root directory on the sever and set the DNS parameters so that the internet knows where to find your content. Let’s get started…

1. Login into cPanel

2. Find the section labeled Domains

Domain Section in cPanel

3. Click Addon Domain and follow the parameters listed below…


  • Enter in the full domain name into the “New Domain” field,  include the .com or other TLD but DONOT include the www
  • subdomain and document root should auto populate. I prefer to REMOVE the dot so the doc root looks like /public_html/sammyrusso and NOT /public_html/
  • I have a generic password I use on my sites but you are welcome to use the generator if you like
  • Click Add Domain and cPanel configures all the dns settings and creates a directory on the server inside the /public_html/ folder.
  • Just be CAREFUL not to name a directory the same as one that already exists on the server.  If I were adding both the .com and .net of sammyrusso I would probably set one doc root as /public_html/sammycom and the other /public_html/sammynet.

5. Log the username, password and document root folder into your passwords file.  🙂

You are now ready to upload your site files or WordPress files to the server.

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