About CMS With WordPress

Hi I’m Sammy and welcome to my blog. I started CMS with WordPress for a couple of reasons, at first it was a way of giving back to the WordPress Community.

Why CMS With WordPress

Building WordPress CMS websites is what I do for a living under my other hat of Click Refresh. So you’re probably thinking if I do this for a living, then why the hell am I giving it away? This is my way of giving back to the community. I feel that there are two kinds of people out there; those that are willing and wanting to figure it out themselves and those that feel it’s just more cost effective to pay someone like me, who already knows WordPress to take care of things for them.

What to Expect

I post sporadically but am trying to be more consistent, so please bear with me. I try to get out at least one to two posts a month. To stay in the loop, sign up for my feed and check in every once in a while to see what’s new.

Help the Community

If you like what I’m doing here and you think you might want to help out and be apart of this community please contact me at sammy AT click-refresh DOT com or my website http://www.Click-Refresh.com.